What is a Double Thread Deviation? How to Play to Help You Win

Search method double topic Surely it is no longer strange to any professional lottery player with a relatively simple recognition rate. However, to increase your chances of winning prizes, lottery players also need to develop their own strategies. Let’s refer to the following article to pick up a few winning tips from our experts Hi88.

What do you know about double deviation?

Currently, playing lotteries in groups has become a quite popular and familiar method to most players. However, not everyone understands how simple but highly effective double betting is. Type double topic This is quite similar to double title.

When betting dual deviation, players will combine the main number and the ball number to form a lucky number to participate in lottery recording. Accordingly, the lottery numbers include numbers in the range from 0 to 9 that differ by 5 units.

Participating in this way of playing, the lottery player will have to play all the pairs in the total number of ball pairs without recording each pair individually. In particular, for professional players, they will certainly not be able to ignore the close odds to increase their chances of winning the prize.

On online forums today, there are many methods passed down from hand to hand from lottery experts. Therefore, you should research carefully before consulting and applying lottery prediction to win big.

What golden numbers will the skewed double lottery contain?

According to the experience of veteran players, double deviation will be divided into forms such as: positive double deviation, negative double deviation and close double deviation. However, not everyone knows what numbers exist in this way of solving the problem, let’s refer to some suggestions below:

  • For a mixed question with 10 numbers: 05, 50, 16, 61, 27, 72, 38, 83, 49, 94.
  • Negative doubles include numbers: 07, 70, 14, 41, 29, 92, 36, 63, 58, 85.
  • Double deviation In fact, it is very diverse with many different numbers such as 04, 40, 06, 60, 15, 51, 95, 59, 17, 71, 14, 41, 28, 82, 26, 62, 37, 73, 36 , 63, 39, 93, 48, 84.
  • Double negative deviation Based on the experience of lottery players, it will include the following numbers: 06, 60, 08, 80, 97, 79, 17, 71, 15, 51, 13, 31, 04, 40, 24, 42, 39, 93, 191, 91, 28, 82, 20, 02, 37, 73, 35, 53, 46, 64, 26, 62, 59, 95, 57, 75, 68, 86, 48, 84.

What number should I write down if there was a double wrong number the previous day?

Based on the experience of experts in this field, players can find beautiful pairs of numbers with high winning rates if a mismatch appears today. Detail:

  • If today’s difference is 05 – 50, the player can immediately catch the pair 30, 50, 20, 15 and the mixed numbers for the next day.
  • Today the difference is 16 – 61, surely the pairs of 10, 60, 32, 96 and the mixed numbers will bring luck to the player.
  • If you had a mixed number 27 – 72 the other day, today, boldly write down 00, 55, 61, 38, 59 and any pairs of mixed numbers..
  • Pairs of 23, 67, 29, 95 and mixed numbers will bring luck to bettors if the previous day’s mixed bet was 38 – 83.
  • You can win money with 30, 33, 88, 56, 60 and mixed numbers today if the previous day was 49 – 94.
  • In case a negative number 07 – 70 appears, boldly bet on the numbers 38, 19, 60, 83, 06, 91, 14 and 31.
  • If the pair is negative at 14 – 41, don’t hesitate to pour money into pairs 89, 98, 33, 88, 13, 31, 87, 78.
  • Today the numbers 29 – 92 will definitely appear 68, 10, 26, 12 and the reverse pairs will appear the next day.
  • The numbers 33, 88, 25, 52, 01, 10, 08, 80 will help you quickly get money back into your pocket if the previous day’s double number was negative, 36 – 62.
  • Please play the pairs of numbers 22, 77, 08, 80, 02, 20, 11, 66 if today there is a difference of 58 – 85.

Some methods for catching double wrong numbers that beginners should refer to

When participating in any form of red and black, winning is always the common goal, so there are many ways to catch double odds. Let’s take a look at some of the following suggestions from the experts to give yourself some winning tips!
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Follow the results of daily special prizes

Whether you play double lottery or any other game, you still need to monitor daily lottery results. From there, there is a basis for calculating the number that has a high chance of appearing in the next drawing.

If you are a new player, don’t forget to follow the summary of the special prize results of previous prize draws. If it’s about doubles, it’s likely that in the next few days a false double will appear.

This method is highly accurate and very reliable for players to test. After that, bettors need to catch the balls of the pairs of numbers they have found, raise them in the following days and wait for the opportunity to win the prize.

Apply the memory method

Lottery games are no longer strange to many people, in which silver coins are a quite popular form of counting special pairs of numbers. Prediction is relatively simpler and does not need to consume too much of the bettor’s time.

Using this prediction method is actually quite simple and easy because you only need to count the number of times the numbers appear. Then proceed to find mismatched pairs that have a high probability of returning.

However, lottery players should note that memory cards can only be applied to prize 7 of the Northern lottery to bring accurate results.


Hopefully the information in the article will help you understand more accurately and fully How to bet double odds. This is one of the simple but no less effective prediction methods that many bettors have applied successfully.

Wishing all players always have a lot of luck and quickly realize their dream of getting rich!

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