Most Underrated Genshin Impacts Character

Genshin Impact is now 4 years old. It has a TON of new characters to choose from. Newer Genshin Impact characters, especially 5 Stars, are really popular and always at least fulfill a certain niche… but what about the 5 and 4 stars and older and Genshin Impact new character that you don’t see often? Of course, you don’t have to worry about using these older characters if you use the best Genshin Impact top up services. Well, we’re going to give some underrated Genshin Impact characters a bit of a spotlight in this article, and we’ll start off with an old fan favorite.


Beidou is the Queen of the Sea. She was the first Genshin Impact character to have a counter-attack/Parry ability in the game, and was considered an amazing on-field and off-field DPS a while ago, back when the game was still in its infancy.

This is due to two reasons

  • Incredible scaling on her Elemental Skill, Tidecaller, which can go up to 500% or 560% if you have her constellations and her talent level at 10/12 respectively.
  • Amazing crowd-control and AOE off-field DPS thanks to her Elemental Burst, which grants 15 Seconds of Chain Lightning attacks on normal and charged attacks from your active Genshin Impact This ability scales by almost 200% of Beidous ATT and can be triggered once every second, meaning the total scaling goes somewhere up to 3000% in total!

However, despite being a bit left out – Beidou is still pretty strong and people showcase their Solo Beidou skills against various end-game bosses on a constant basis.

Arataki Itto

Now, you might think that Arataki Itto isn’t underrated – but for a Genshin Impact character that’s so brimming with joy, positivity, and good vibes – he’s one of the least popular characters in Genshin Impact. One of the reasons is that not many people enjoy his “Chad” design, but another is that he requires a really specific team to work. You want to have Gorou (Hopefully at C6), Albedo, and Zhongli alongside him – and Albedo hasn’t had a rerun in a loooong while. The Genshin Impact new character, Chiori, can also work well with Itto instead of Albedo.

The problem also lies with the “Geo” element as a whole, as it doesn’t really fit the Genshin meta of having various elemental reactions.

However, if built correctly and with his “Meta Team” – Itto can deal cracked amounts of damage, with each charged attack dealing more than 70k damage.

Shikanoin Heizou

Our first “Fist Fighter” until Wriothesley came along. He actually wears a Catalyst, but fights using kicks and punches. Heizou was really cool, conceptually, but as far as “On-Field Anemo DPS” units go, he falls behind Xiao and Wanderer a bit. This is okay, because Heizou is a 4-Star unit. However, if you can get him to C6 – he might even be able to outshine the other two 5-Star Anemo bois.

The strength of Heizou lies in his ability to provide supporting DPS, alongside the option to go full Hypercarry Heizou where he deals the bulk of the damage through his skill, which has some impressive damage scaling which can go up to an insane 1200% scaling when leveled to the max, and when cast at 4 Stacks.

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