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Losing significant information can be a gigantic frustration. Whether it is a picture, record, video or some other sort of document. Let us introduce you to MyRecover, a dependable software for recovering files. To figure out if it’s the right solution for you, we’ll go over its main features, testing methods, and test results in this comprehensive review. Do you need it?

Key Features of Windows Data Recovery Software

As I would see it, Windows file recovery software, most importantly, ought to be easy to use, slick and have a high achievement rate to address the issues of most of clients. MyRecover succeeds there.

With a reasonable graphical UI and basic guidelines, on the off chance that you are searching for simple to-utilize file recovery programming, this could interest you. We should check out at a portion of its key elements:

Comprehensive: MyRecover is prepared to deal with a wide range of data loss scenarios, including deletion from the Recycle Bin, formatting of the disk, and virus infection.

More Comprehensive File Type Support: MyRecover can recover in excess of 200 record types like JPG, PNG, PPT, Word, Succeed, DOC, DOCX, PDF, ZIP, HTML, and some more.

Advanced Scanning Capabilities: In addition to offering fast scan options, MyRecover also offers a deep scan that enables it to extract missing data in great detail. You can also filter, preview, and retrieve found data.

Recovering a Broken PC: MyRecover lets you make bootable media for data recovery from a crashed PC even if your system crashes.

Compatible with Different Devices and File Systems: MyRecover upholds information recuperation from different capacity devices including HDD/SSD, USB, SD cards, Crude drives and supports document frameworks like NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT, and ReFS.

User-friendliness and Simplicity: MyRecover has a reasonable point of interaction which makes it simple to involve in any event, for fledglings.

How to Use Windows Data Recovery Software

Presently we return to the testing steps and consequences of MyRecover, a product that can recover lost documents proficiently. Assuming you really want data recovery programming, read on.

It is essential to keep in mind that MyRecover is only compatible with Windows operating systems prior to beginning testing. It very well may be utilized on adaptations like Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Windows Server 2008(R2), 2012(R2). Data files from 2016(R2), 2019, 2022, and beyond:

To begin testing, we downloaded MyRecover from the authority site and introduced it on our PC. After that, we got to work scanning the lost data in two different scenarios to see how well it was able to recover as much data as possible. At last, we send off the file recovery program and check in the event that all lost information was effectively recovered or not. Two MOV videos and two PNG image files were used in the test.

Testing information:

We tested in two scenarios of data loss. This incorporates erasing documents and organizing circles. The steps we take are as follows:

1st scenario: Delete a file to make data recovery more difficult, we unloaded the Recycle Bin after deleting two MOV videos and two PNG image files from our computer. Then, we send off MyRecover to examine the hard drive with lost information and recuperate it.

2nd scenario: Using the Disk Management tool, we formatted a disk with two MOV videos and two PNG image files. Then we attempted to recuperate them utilizing MyRecover.

Test results:

MyRecover has proven to be extremely user-friendly. It makes it easy for even inexperienced users to get started using it. With just three choices accessible, looking for choices “PC Recovery” is a breeze. Simply move the mouse to the ideal plate. To begin the automatic scanning process, select “Scan.”

When the sweep is finished, you can filter or view lost information by document type, date modified, and size. Assuming you realize the record name, you can look and recuperate it quickly without sitting tight for the output results.

During our testing, we effectively recovered all erased documents, even records that were taken out from the Recycle Bin or were arranged by formatting option.


In the event that you end up in a circumstance where you have lost significant information and need a fast answer for recuperate it, MyRecover is a magnificent decision. As displayed above, it has a high recuperation rate and can deal with an extensive variety of document types (e.g. recover unsaved PowerPoint) and capacity gadgets. Check it out assuming that you really want assistance recovering information.

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