Northern Lottery Prediction – 3 Golden Rules to Remember

Northern Lottery Prediction plays a special role in the lives of Vietnamese people, being a bridge for life-changing dreams and the joy of victory. To help you increase your winning rate, Jun88 Please share the top 3 prediction methods today!

Overview of the Northern lottery structure

Referring to the entertainment culture of Vietnamese people, Northern lottery is certainly indispensable – One of the traditional games with undeniable appeal.

Overview of the Northern lottery type

Northern lottery, also known as Northern lottery, is a type of lottery issued and drawn by Thu Do Lottery Company, established in 1962.

This game uses pre-printed sets of tickets with certain number sequences. Players will buy tickets according to their favorite prize numbers. The results of the lottery will be announced specifically on each day of the week, based on the results of the balls drawn randomly from the lottery machine.

Notably, revenue from lottery business activities contributes significantly to the state budget, contributing to social security and economic development programs.

Besides, lotteries also bring joy, hope and moments of entertainment to players. At the same time, it also challenges lottery players in their journey to find ways to predict Northern Lottery results.

How is the Northern lottery drawing schedule regulated?

The Northern Lottery is drawn regularly on weekdays, except during the Lunar New Year holidays, epidemics,… or events that seriously affect the entire society.

Every afternoon at 6:15 p.m., the northern lottery drawing program will be broadcast live on national channels, giving lottery players moments of excitement and excitement when they win.

According to the regulations of the Northern lottery, each day there will be a province drawing prizes. Particularly Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam will be favored to organize twice a week. The prize drawing schedule of XSMB stations is as follows:

  • Monday, Thursday: Radio Hanoi
  • Tuesday: Quang Ninh Radio
  • Wednesday: Taipei Ning
  • Friday: Hai Phong Radio
  • Saturday: Nam Dinh Taipei
  • Sunday: Thai Binh Radio

XSMB prize structure

Below is the detailed XSMB prize system:

Prize structure Value Quantity
Special prize 1,000,000,000 VND 03 prizes
First prize 10,000,000 VND 15 prizes
The second prize 5,000,000 VND 30 prizes
The third prize 1,000,000 VND 90 prizes
Fourth prize 400,000 VND 600 prizes
Fifth prize 200,000 VND 900 prizes
Sixth prize 100,000 VND 4,500 prizes
Consolation prizes 40,000 VND 15,000 prizes
Special bonus prize 20,000,0000 VND 12 prizes

Instructions on how to participate in the Northern Lottery (XSMB)

For those who are playing the northern lottery for the first time, understanding the playing process is extremely necessary to ensure you can participate smoothly and receive rewards properly:
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  • Buy tickets: Players can buy Northern lottery tickets at lottery agents or authorized sales points nationwide. Each lottery ticket costs 10,000 VND.
  • Check results: Players check results by comparing the winning numbers on the ticket with the announced winning numbers.


  • Depending on the regulations of each prize, players will have different chances of winning. Therefore, please check carefully.
  • After knowing you have won the lottery, you need to contact the broadcasting station to receive your prize as soon as possible, maximum 30 days.
  • When receiving the prize, make sure the lottery ticket is 100% intact, not torn, wet or blurred, etc.
  • Normally, if you win a prize of 10,000,000 VND or more, you will be required to pay personal tax of 10%.
  • Don’t forget to bring your identification to receive your reward.
  • In case of force majeure, you can entrust someone else to receive on your behalf, however, a full authorization document and local confirmation are required.

Summary of 3 ways to predict Northern Lottery as easy as turning your hand

Northern Lottery Prediction is always the passion of many players, because it lights up the hope of getting rich easily from lucky numbers. Understanding that, among the countless prediction methods on the market, Jun88 We have selected the best and most effective tips to help you get money quickly:

Raising beautiful number frames – Supporting method for Northern Lottery Prediction

Raising a frame has long been an unfamiliar method of Northern Lottery Prediction, and has been used by many professional lottery players. According to experience from these players, the most effective frame raising time is usually about 3 – 7 days.

In addition, to be successful with frame farming, players need to prepare themselves with a sustainable financial source as well as perseverance to “pursue” the lucky number they always desire.

Keep a close eye on the results of the prize draw. If within 3-5 days the raised number still hasn’t appeared, boldly adjust your strategy to avoid wasting resources and look for new opportunities!

Based on prize 7 – Strategy not to be missed

Northern Lottery prediction based on double number 7 prize is based on the principle of searching and evaluating pairs of numbers with the same value appearing in lottery results. With just a few steps, you can increase your winning rate as expected. Northern Lottery Prediction according to this style of play will have 2 cases as follows:

  • Case 1: If two of the following sets of numbers appear in the 7th prize results: 05, 50, 16, 61, 27, 72, 38, 83, 49, 94, repeat the double lottery with those two numbers for the next 3 days. according to. For example, if the 7th prize is 05234, we can raise 05 and 50 in 3 days.
  • Case 2: If the first number of prize 7.1 and the last number of prize 7.4 or the last number of prize 7.1 and the first number of prize 7.4 are the same, you can raise a double bet according to that number in the next 3 days. For example, if you solve 7.1 and get 22 and solve 7.4 and get 25, you can raise 22 in 3 days.

Predict XSMB according to special prizes

For those who are passionate about lotteries and lotteries, they must be very familiar with this Northern Lottery Prediction method. It is considered that the winning rate is not as high as other methods, however, special prize prediction is relatively simple and easy to do, suitable for even beginners.

To implement this strategy, you can follow the steps below:

  • Determine the special prize of XSMB the previous day: According to the strategy of catching numbers with special prizes, the first and most important step is to determine the special prize of XSMB in the previous drawing.
  • Split the special prize into pairs of lots: Next, divide the special prize into pairs of lots in the form AB, BC, CD and DE. For example, if the special prize is 65238, we will have pairs of lots AB = 65, BC = 52, CD = 23 and DE = 38.
  • Choose a nice pair of lots to play today: Based on the results broken down in step 2, choose one or more pairs of lotteries that you like best to challenge your luck.


Thus, the most effective way to predict Northern Lottery today is available Jun88 Provide details in this article. If you have any questions related to this playground or are looking for advanced strategies, please register Jun88 Get the latest information now!

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